Tornow Pack Saddles

Decker Pack Saddles
Our Decker trees feature cottonwood OPR style bars with manganese bronze arches. You may have your choice of either traditional style round arch or new style tall arch. The new style arch is tall enough and has enough shoulder to use bag straps without Decker hooks... More Information »

Sawbuck Pack Saddles
We are now proud to offer our new Sawbuck trees made here in our shop. We have been working with Lee Roeser of Independence CA to develop a quality tree for our sawbucks. Lee has packed hundreds of animals over the years in his own business and working for the Forest Service. We have worked from bar patterns that he has found to work well for him on a variety of animals. The crossbucks are white oak and the bars are poplar. The crossbucks are attached to the bars with stainless steel bolts and countersunk T-nuts, which allows for rasping the bars if needed to perfect the fit. These bars have a little more flare than most sawbucks which allows for a better fit on more animals.
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Panniers, Top Packs, & Accessories

NEW! These new Trail Max panniers are ideal for packing average sized loads in an easy to use certified bear resistant solution. Designed to fill the need for a practical all-purpose hard sided pannier, they also meet USFS and Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC) requirements for bear resistance.
These panniers are made of an extremely tough, hard resin polyethylene, which will weather hard use and extreme cold. Panniers have contoured sides to allow for a better ride, resting against the animals side without creating pressure points.

The lid slides into the top of the pannier and is secured with a single easy to turn thumb bolt. The panniers will also accommodate screw in legs (sold separately) and can be used to create a table in camp.

Panniers include heavy duty hanging nylon hanging straps, top pack attachment dees, and cinch tie down straps. These boxes can also be hung using sling ropes.
Boxes are shown in brown, also available in green and hunter orange.

External Dimensions: 25.5" X 14.25" X 21.75"
Top Opening: 8.5" X 20.5"
Weight 23 lbs. per box including rigging

Trail Max Bear Resistant Panniers $499.95

Leg Kits:
Legs are 16" long and when used with the Trail Max Bear Resistant Panniers make a table 37" high.
Leg Kit $47.95


Deluxe Canvas Pannier
New and Improved design. This is our most popular style of Alforjas Bag and we have improved our design based on customer feedback. Our bags are still made of heavy 32 oz. canvas with leather reinforced ends and the front bottom edge, lids and dowel slot are also reinforced with leather. We now use a heavy nylon safety webbing to completely encircle the top and corners of the bags for superior strength. The straps encircle the bag and the hanger straps are made of 1 1/4" wide heavy harness leather. Size is a bit over 24" x 12" x 16 1/2" to accommodate the Poly Pac inserts. the inserts are sold separately. Please let us know if you will be using Decker Hooks as the hanger straps will be made differently.

Alforjas Bags $495.00 pair

"Just wanted to let you know I was very pleased with the new panniers (Alforjas Bags) I received for Christmas. The craftsmanship is super and they look extremely durable. In other words, they look great! I can't wait to use them."
— GK, Montana


Sling Packs
Our sling packs are made of the same heavy 32 oz. canvas as our Canvas Alforjas bags. Dimensions are 73" X 26". The edges are reinforced with heavy nylon safety webbing with grommets spaced every 8". Hanger straps are the same as our Alforjas Bags and can be rigged for Decker hooks if needed. Sling Packs can be used for carrying coolers, hay, duffel bags grain etc.

Sling Packs $295.00 pair


Poly Pac Inserts
Lightweight poly liner for alforjas bags. Provides protection to your packed items. Size is 22 ¾” x 11” x 16 ¼”

Poly Pac Inserts $109.95 pair

Top Pack
Designed to be used with the Ralide Panniers, the 1” nylon straps buckle through the lower dees on the front of the panniers. This eliminates the need for any special hitches. Made of heavy duty water repellant Cordura nylon. Outside dimension is 37” x 28” x 10”. In stock in dark brown. Other colors available on request.

Top pack $81.00

H Style Top Pack
Same construction and outside dimension as the regular top pack, but cut away to fit down between the crosses or arches on the pack saddle. This is our most popular top pack. In stock in dark brown. Other colors available on request. H Style

Top Pack $91.00

Riding Saddle Panniers
These are the most secure and versatile saddle pannier on the market. These bags are made of heavy duty water repellant Cordura nylon. The front 2 hanger straps buckle through the fork, the third goes over the seat, and the forth buckles tightly behind the cantle. This makes for a very tight and secure fit. If you would like to use the bags on a pack saddle, just buckle the straps to each other as shown and loop over the arches. There is a bottom cinch to stabilize the bags without the need for any special hitches. The large lids overlap the sides by 6” and have Velcro tabs to hold them in place. An aluminum rod reinforces the top of the bag and helps distribute the weight of the load. Pannier size is 23” x 20” x 10”. Bags can be rolled up and tied behind the cantle when not in use. When using on a riding saddle we recommend removing the stirrups and using a britchen and breast collar for stability. In stock in dark brown. Other colors available on request.

Riding Saddle Panniers $195.00

Packing Accessories

Manty Tarps
7’ x 8’ 18 0z canvas

Manty Tarp hemmed $54.95

Top Pack Cover
7X7 15 oz. canvas hemmed with grommets.

Top Pack Cover $47.95


Lash Cincha
From Outfitters Supply. Now available in 30", 33", and 36" Please specify size when ordering.

Lash Cincha $49.95

Poly Plus Rope
The ideal rope for all your packing needs. Make your own lash ropes, sling ropes, manty ropes, high lines, etc. Polyester/polypropylene combination is strong, doesn't stretch, is easy on the hands and won't get stiff when cold and wet.

Available in 1/2" , 3/8”, and 7/16"

Poly Plus 1/2” .49 per foot
Poly Plus 3/8” .35 per foot
Poly Plus 7/16” .45 per foot

Decker Hooks
These one piece Decker hooks are cast of mangnaese bronze which is noted for its strength and corrosion resistance. No moving parts to break. Priced per set of 4

Decker Hooks $39.95 set

Wool Saddle Pads

Why is wool better?
Wool is a natural fiber that is: Highly absorbent. While synthetics only trap moisture between the fibers, wool actually absorbs 80% of its own weight in moisture. When your animal sweats a Woolback pad will absorb the moisture to keep the back moist but not wet. Breathable. Wool is porous, allowing continual air circulation and release of moisture into the air. Non slipping. Unlike any other fiber, wool has microscopic barbs that grip the hair on your animals back, reducing slippage.

Woolback Pack Saddle Pad
This is the finest pad available for packing and offers superior comfort and durability. The pad is constructed of 2 layers of 100% virgin wool pile fabric, with a 1” thick removable felt inner liner.Because the wool fiber has been specially processed to eliminate shrinking and matting, the pads can be washed in a standard home washing machine after removing the felt inner liner. Dimension is 30" X 44". Do not machine dry.

Woolback Pack Saddle Pad $259.95

Diamond Wool felt Pack Saddle Pad
This pad is 1” thick wool felt with a double layer of wool felt under the tree bar. Canvas covered with a thin patch of felt in the tree bar area to help grip the saddle tree.  In stock in tan (shown) and dark brown.  Dimension is 30” X 44”

Diamond Wool Felt Pack Pad $95.00

Riding Accessories

Your mule will love our britchen. The britchen seat is lined with a rolled edge of latigo leather for extra chafe resistance. All hardware is solid brass and will not rust. Comes standard with 2 quarter straps on each side which helps to adjust the britchen properly. The quarter straps have numbered holes for ease of adjustment. All strap work is “A” grade Hermann Oak harness leather which is hot stuffed with oils and waxes for extra sweat resistance. It comes standard with roller buckles on the quarter straps and Conway buckles on the hip drops. You will find our Conway buckles are easier to adjust than most becausewe take extra care by skiving the end of the leather and using the correct weight of leather for the size of buckle. However we also offer a model with roller buckles on ALL the straps if you prefer. Just keep in mind when using the roller buckles that there is a billet end hanging down which could possibly catch a lead rope if you are leading a pack string or ponying another animal.

Standard Professional quality britchen $180.00


Britchen with all roller buckles $195.00

Our cruppers feature a flax seed stuffed tail piece. Connector strap is Hermann Oak harness leather and all hardware is solid brass. We offer traditional single fork style and a two strap style if that is the way your saddle is set up. The doublestraps are extra long and there is a chafe under where the ring sits on top of the croup.

Single fork Crupper $38.50


Double strap Crupper $45.00

Breast Collars.
Our trail breast collar has become our most popular style for the great fit it provides on a variety of animals. It works especially well on mules because you can adjust the center ring low enough to clear the windpipe yet keep the side pieces from riding too low across the shoulder. It also works well on gaited animals for freeing up the shoulder. The side pieces are lined with a rolled edge of oil tan leather to minimize chafing. Matches our britchen and looks nice as a set.

Trail Breast Collar $120.00

Snap Crown Mule Headstall.
Do you need a little help getting your headstall over those beautiful ears? This is a nice heavy duty headstall of harness leather with a crown piece that snaps open to make bridling your mule easier. Hardware is solid brass or stainless steel.

Snap Crown Mule Headstall $75.00


Packing Accessories / High Line Equipment

Tree Saver Straps
Our Tree Saver Straps are made to Forest Service specifications. These are made of heavy duty safety webbing and feature a parachute V-ring with a tightening mechanism which allows you to easily pull the slack out of your high line. Not only protects the tree bark, but makes putting up your high line a snap.

Tree Saver Straps $35.00 per pair

In Line Swivel
The In Line swivel ensures that your lead rope will not become twisted or unraveled on the high line. This can sometimes happen if you do not use a swivel in the attachment of your lead rope to the halter. High Quality Stainless Steel construction.

In Line Swivel $15.95

Cavalry Style Feed Bag
Animals can’t sling grain out of this style of feed bag. Made of the same vinyl coated mesh as our hay bags. Fully adjustable head and neck straps have easy to adjust Fastex buckles. These are perfect for pack trips because they fold up into a small size and keep your animal from eating off of the ground.

Cavalry Style Feed Bag $29.50


Web Packers Draw Halter
An economical and strong nylon web halter featuring the options of either side draw, center draw, or no draw. In stock in brown, but also available in hunter orange.

Packers Web Halter $34.95


Brannaman Style Double Diamond Halter
Designed and used by Buck Brannaman. They are 6mm diameter with nylon core and a 16 strand nylon cover. The smaller diameter gives the horseman greater control and response. The knot on the end of the tail allows you to slip the halter over the horses head without untying the halter. Offered in saddle horse, mule, draft, cob, Arabian, yearling and weanling sizes. We stock saddle horse and mule sizes in brown, tan, hunter green, and burgundy

Brannaman Style Double Diamond Halter $22.50

Draw Chain Mule Halter
This is a heavy duty mule halter of harness leather fully lined with latigo leather. All stress points are reinforced with copper rivets and burrs.
The crown piece has a heavy duty spring snap and safe on the near side and a roller buckle for adjustment on the off side. All hardware is stainless steel.

Draw Chain Mule Halter $105.00

Forest Service Style Leather Draw Halter
This is a heavy duty halter fully lined with latigo leather. The draw is leather instead of chain. All hardware is stainless steel.

Leather Draw Halter $105.00

Lead Ropes

Safety Snap Lead
Our lead rope is 7/16” Polyplus rope 12 foot in length. We use a high quality bronze quick release snap. On this snap the barrel twists to release, making it difficult for an animal to open it accidentally. The rope is eye spliced and looped through itself to attach the snap making it easy to replace or remove the snap.

Safety Snap Lead $22.50

Spun Nylon Lead
This lead has the great soft feel of cotton but is spun nylon, making it strong and long lasting. 12 foot length.

Spun Nylon Lead $32.00

Hobbles and Stake Outs

Lined Chain Hobbles
These hobbles are made of heavy harness leather and lined with a rolled edge of oil tan leather to reduce chafing. Instead of the manufactured plated hobble chains generally available, we use a heavy swivel with 2 stainless steel quick links and use stainless steel britchen dees and buckles to make a versatile and durable set of hobbles. With the quick link you can easily separate the hobbles to make 2 stake out hobbles.

Lined chain Hobbles $60.00 pair

Stake Out Cuff
Same construction as the cuff on our chain hobbles.

Stake Out cuff $30.00

2 Ring Hobbles
Our 2 ring hobbles are 1 ¼” harness leather lined with latigo. Chrome over brass squares with stainless steel buckles.

2 Ring Hobbles $42.50

Steel Picket Pin
This is our strongest picket pin. Forged steel with a swivel top. 21” long 2.95 lbs.

Steel picket Pin $33.95