Chris Tornow Decker Pack Saddles

Tree: Our Decker trees feature cottonwood OPR style bars with manganese bronze arches. You may have your choice of either traditional style round arch or new style tall arch. The new style arch is tall enough and has enough shoulder to use bag straps without Decker hooks.

Hardware: All hardware is solid brass, no plated hardware to rust and deteriorate the leather. Our standard professional quality model has Conway style buckles on the hip drops and breast collar straps. We are careful to use the correct weight of leather and skive the ends to make these as easy to use as possible. We also offer all roller buckle adjustments as an option.

Rigging: Comes standard with adjustable single rigging. Buckles on the tree allow you to place the rigging in the best spot for your animal. A 28" mohair blend double ring cinch comes standard but you can request a different size if necessary at no extra charge.

Breast collar: Our contoured breast collar provides a superior fit and prevents choking on uphill grades. The breast collar is lined with latigo for extra sweat resistance.

Britchen: Our britchen is lined with a rolled edge latigo lining to reduce chafing. The quarter straps have numbered holes for ease of adjustment.

Half Breed: Our half breed is constructed of 32 oz. heavy canvas with leather reinforced arch slots and binding. We also line the underside of the arch slots with leather to reduce wear from the rigging buckles on the tree. We offer 2 half breed styles. Regular board style with clear grain fir side boards in latigo pockets, or the leather side half breed with leather sides instead of the boards. The half breed is stuffed with a dense XPE closed cell foam.

Decker Pack Saddle as shown $750.00


Options for the Decker Pack Saddle

Adjustable Tree for Decker: If you have animals that donít fit the traditional Decker bar, or need to use one pack saddle on a variety of different conformations the adjustable tree was developed to fill this need. The bars are made of unbreakable ABS plastic and textured on the underside to grip the saddle pad. The bars float to automatically adjust to different angles of back. Two bar types are available, one is a flatter bar to fit more a mule type back, and a bar with more rocker which is more of a horse bar. We have it pictured with the most popular Decker style arch, but there are some other options available if this one doesnít suit your needs. Just contact us and we can provide more information.

Adjustable Tree add to Decker price $100.00

All Roller Buckle Adjustments: We do a good job of making the Conway buckles as easy to adjust as possible, but if you just plain hate them or need to be changing the pack saddle often from one animal to another you may want the roller buckle option.

Roller Buckles add to Decker Price $30.00

Double rigging:
The adjustable rigging on the Decker generally provides an excellent fit for most animals, but some benefit from a double rig and we can do that for you if needed.

Double rigging add to Decker Price $75.00

Quarter Breed:
The quarter breed cover will protect your half breed and is easily repaired should it start to wear through.

Quarter Breed add to Decker Price $45.00

Replacement Half Breed:
You may order a replacement half breed separately. Please specify sideboard or leather side. If this is for a different makers tree we need the distance between the arches to insure a proper fit.

Replacement half Breed $145.00

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